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What is the effect of the stage light?

What is the effect of the stage light?

Aug 22,2019
What is the effect of the Stage Lights?
Types of Stage lighting effects:

Spotlights are one of the most widely used stage lighting equipment. Currently, the market has 1KW, 2KW, and the most widely used is 2KW. It is mainly used for facial light, ear lighting, side sweeping, etc. It has concentrated illumination, the outline of the spot is clearer, can highlight the part, and can enlarge the spot to illuminate an area.

This is a reflective lamp with high light intensity and large distance. It is an affordable and effective high-light lamp with 0.5 kw, 1KW, 2KW and other common light sources. The most commonly used is 2KW.

Originated from the principle of chasing lights and spotlights, it is a special kind of stage lighting, often used to project people and scenes.

The light is soft and even, and it can highlight the part without appearing unnatural, and can be used for natural transition with other lights. The main models are 0.3 kw, 1KW, 2KW and so on. It is often used in the low beam range, such as flowing light or column light.

The light is diffuse, symmetrical, and the projected area is relatively large. There are two types of ground scatter and astigmatism. The main ones are 0.5 kw, 1 KW, 1.25 kw, 2 KW, etc., which can be used for general lighting theater platforms, and can also be used for sky exploration.

It is now widely used, such as PAR46, PAR64. It can be used to illuminate people and landscapes in different directions. It can also be placed directly on the stage and placed in front of the audience to form a light array with dual functions of stage scenery and lighting.

Forming a seamless scene on the stage, as well as various special effects, such as: rain and lightning, water and fire, and so on.

Footlights are often used for mid-range, netscape lighting, and cloth color, but also on the stage to complement the face.

Stage lighting fixtures with high brightness and clear imaging features can be used to adjust the focal length to show false spots. The movable light bar can be easily changed in color, and the movement of the lamp body can be freely operated. At present, there are many kinds of markets. The standard ones are: 1KW halogen tungsten light source, 1KW xenon light source, 1KW metal halide light source, 2KW metal halide light source. In addition, there are also long-distance follow-up lights such as 8-10m follow-up lights, 15- 30m chasing light, 30-50m chasing light, 50-80m chasing light.
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