Heat Sink

A heat sink is a component that increases the heat flow away from a hot device. It accomplishes this task by increasing the device's working surface area and the amount of low-temperature fluid that moves across its enlarged surface area. 

Customizing heatsinks meet the thermal application requirements. Customizing heatsink helps reduce a heatsink cost, and also can reduce the prototype time dramatically.

Lighting Housing

The lighting housing has a high heat dissipation efficiency design, which not only prolongs the service life but also reduces the weight of the entire luminaire and expands its application range. Its thermal design and cooling method are critical to highlighting the advantages of LED luminaires.

Glare Shield

Glare shields reduce glare from the lamp source, providing comfortable illumination.

Jeasnn specializes in custom lighting glare shields and have extensive manufacturing experience.

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Honeycomb Louver

Honeycomb louver is an essential accessory for lighting system, used to reduce the glare from normal viewing angle.

Whether you are a lighting designer or a lighting manufacturer, we are able to provide honeycomb louvers with customized thickness and size.

Track Light Parts

We specialize in custom machined track light parts, such as track light heat sink, track light housing, track light honeycomb Louver, track light glare shield, etc. We have extensive manufacturing experience.