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2021 Annual party of Jiesheng hardware

2021 Annual party of Jiesheng hardware

Feb 2,2021
2021 Annual party of Jiesheng hardware
Time flies, the busy 2020 has passed, and the expectant 2021 is coming to us.

In the past year, we have customized many CNC machined parts, turning parts,milling parts,heat sink,screws and nuts for customers, and provided customers with precision hardware accessories solutions.
CNC machined parts
turning parts
heat sink
We held an annual party in the jiesheng factory on January 23, 2021,we started to decorate the venue in the afternoon. We prepared balloons, flowers, cakes, candies, fruits, wine, etc.

We go to sign, take photos, then our general manager-Bill Zhang gives a speech, the party starts.
Finally, our company prepared a lucky draw, the first prize is a Huawei mobile phone.
jiesheng hardware

In 2021, we will not forget our mission to provide customers with competitive customized precision hardware(CNC machining parts) solutions. And finally we wish everyone a happy new year!