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Height of suitable lighting fixtures

Height of suitable lighting fixtures

Mar 19,2020
Height of suitable lighting fixtures
Lighting illuminates the architectural characteristics of the house and adds beauty to the house, curbing attractiveness and security. Properly installed external lighting can reduce accidents, give guests a warm welcome, and discourage unwanted guests. Misplaced external lighting can cause unsafe glare and unhappy neighbors. Consider proper height, style, and size before installation.

Landscape lights
Landscape lights are used to illuminate sidewalks or light sculptures or other key areas of the yard, such as trees or fountains. In most cases, these lights are powered by batteries or solar energy. Most are designed to be placed in the dirt of the sidewalk. Some are placed around decks and on outdoor stairs. Another idea is to use a rear lantern to illuminate the driveway or parking lot in case the external door fixtures do not reach that distance. Column lanterns can also be used to outline the deck or terrace.

safety lamp
Safety lights, such as motion-sensitive safety lights, should be installed in the corners of the panel. Garage door lights illuminate the way into the garage. Depending on the garage door, a lantern should be installed in the middle of the garage door or a lantern on each side of the garage door. Use the same rules as for external lights near the door: Hang the lights on the side of the garage door, about a quarter from the top. For safety, back door lighting is also recommended. Use the same method as for front door lighting.

Exterior front door light
The lighting around the outer door should be installed at about one third of the height from the door. Sometimes there are two external lights around the door, in which case the luminaire should be a quarter of the height down from the top of the door. If only one luminaire can be hung due to structural restrictions, hang it on the same side of the door handle. For example, if a door is 9 feet high, the light fixture should be suspended approximately six to seven feet from the ground.

Energy-efficient fluorescent lights are efficient and good for the environment and your wallet. Compared to ordinary light bulbs, they reduce electricity costs and have a longer life. When installing outdoor lighting, consider any "dark sky" or similar laws in your area that control sky light pollution. They usually need to turn off some lights at specific times. Outdoor lighting should not be directed at the street or driveway to prevent glare from damaging or distracting the driver. Always consider homeowner and municipal regulations before installing external lighting.

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