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How to repair LED lights?

How to repair LED lights?

Mar 29,2020
How to repair LED lights?
LED stands for light emitting diode and refers to a purer and more robust lighting element than a conventional incandescent lamp. LED lights often appear in long string lights used for decoration on Christmas and other holidays. You may find that some LEDs stop working, which causes many people to dispose of the entire string. You can easily repair the LED string by turning off the faulty LED.

step 1
Wrap a short piece of tape around each lamp without turning on the lamps. This way you can see which indicators are not lit.

Step 2
Power off the lamp and unplug the lamp.

third step
Pull the first lamp marked with tape from the luminaire. Hold the LED above the plastic cover and pull it out until it releases from the fixture.

Step 4
Bring LEDs to a lighting store and let them offer you products that match your exact LED. Buy as many bulbs as you need.

Step 5
Insert the plastic and metal ends of the LED into the socket you pull from until it is firmly seated. The plastic cover of the lamp should point away from the socket.

Step 6
Replace all other marked lamps in the same way.

Step 7
Turn the power back on, and then plug the lamp back into the power source.

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