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What is soffit lighting?

What is soffit lighting?

Apr 3,2020
What is soffit lighting?
From an architectural point of view, the soffits are the underside of any overhanging structure. Outdoors, this may be an overhang on the roof or the area under the deck. Indoors, the soffit usually refers to the ceiling that falls around the edge of the room, but it can also refer to the area between the top of the kitchen cabinet and the ceiling, even if it is not lowered. Soffit lighting refers to any lighting placed in these areas.

In order to make the wiring invisible, the soffit lighting wiring on the top floor often passes through the attic. However, in the case where the soffit is built purely for lighting design purposes, the wiring is usually located inside the soffit. Depending on the accessibility of the attic, this can simplify the wiring process and make it cheaper than installing lights that must be wired inside the wall.

The wiring of the soffit lights under the cabinet can be connected to the power supply along the rear edge of the cabinet, or a hole can be drilled in the cabinet to hide the wiring inside the cabinet. Many companies also provide battery-powered under-cabinet lighting, which reduces installation difficulty.

Create a soffit
If you do not have a soffit in your home, and you want to install soffit lighting, you can add it in the form of a suspended ceiling or "inverted tray" ceiling around the outside of the room, which will add the suspended ceiling panel to the central part or all of the room ceiling.

A simple rope lighting can be placed around the periphery of the "tray" that has been laid down, thereby producing a glow at the edge of the tray. Small trays dropped in the kitchen area may double as a hanging pan.

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