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What are the types of soffit lighting?

What are the types of soffit lighting?

Apr 16,2020
What are the types of soffit lighting?
The soffit lighting can be direct or indirect. Direct lighting refers to the light focused on a certain area or object, so the track lighting installed under the indoor soffit or the safety lighting installed under the outdoor soffit is regarded as direct lighting. Recessed lighting is also a popular form of direct soffit lighting because it fits the soffit but can illuminate useful areas.

Some designers also believe that the lighting installed under the cabinet is soffit lighting. If it is used to illuminate the work surface of the work surface, it may be direct; if it is a low-level ambient lighting that cannot be used as sufficient light for work on the work surface, it may be indirect. Other indirect lighting includes units in the space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling, whether it is a subtle ambient glow or bounce off the ceiling to produce general lighting.

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